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Asset Management For Your Farm

Are you?
A busy professional utilising the help of assistants to run your farming enterprise.

Are you?
A full time farmer maintaining your own farm and farm assets.

Krafty Farm Assistant is here to help.

It doesn't matter what type of farm you operate they all have one major thing in common, farming assets. The assets do vary from farm to farm but the one thing that savvy farmers know is that without those assets their farm does not operate. The same savvy farmers also know that having an up to date farm inventory which lists important information like what items are owned, where they are located and their operational state is an integral part of operating a successful farming enterprise.

Krafty Farm Assistant's Kubota

However when asked many farmers claim that they just don't have time to maintain an accurate and up to date asset inventory for their farm. But no longer does that need to be an excuse because...

Krafty Farm Assistant's Asset Inventory is here to help maintain your farming assets. And like a growing number of other Aussie farmers you too can take advantage of this easy-to-use farm inventory system.

Your time is valuable.
At Krafty Farm Assistant we know you don't want complicated, generic, over priced software packages written to maintain someone else's asset inventory. You want a system that is tailored to your farm and tailored to your assets. But of course you still want your farm to run efficiently which means that you don't want a system that requires a full time assistant just to keep it updated.

That is why we created the Krafty Farm Assistant Asset Inventory. An inventory system fully tailored to each client, scalable from the smallest of farms to the largest of enterprises and a system that requires no more than a few minutes a week to keep updated.

But that is not all.
Whether you farm livestock, produce or pasture you also have vehicles, tractors, tractor implements, fencing, and a wide range of other equipment all of which require regular maintenance and without that maintenance failures are imminent.

But as any farmer knows keeping track of when and what type of maintenance is required for the entire list of farming assets can be difficult and things can easily be forgotten. That is why when we developed the Krafty Farm Assistant system we also added the Maintenance Workshop and Maintenance Reporting system.

Krafty Farm Assistant Asset Inventory goes hand in hand with farmers

Our Maintenance Workshop and reporting system ensures you are not only kept up to date with current and future maintenance tasks for each asset in your inventory but it also records previous maintenance tasks and provides you a complete record of how your farming assets are performing and how much they are costing you.

As well as being able to report maintenance issues to ensure they don't get forgotten the Krafty Farm Assistant system also allows you to schedule maintenance tasks for a later date, for a less busier time or even repeatedly for a long term servicing schedule.

What our clients are saying!

What is Krafty Farm Assistant?

Krafty Farm Assistant is an inexpensive, personally tailored, inventory database and maintenance recording package for the farming assets and machinery of any agricultural enterprise.

No Specialised Software Required!
Krafty Farm Assistant runs on any Internet enabled computer.

Krafty Farm Assistant is secure and user friendly
Both the Asset Inventory and the Maintenance Workshop are password protected and require only basic computer knowledge to keep up to date. If you can log onto the internet you can maintain your own farming asset inventory, if you can type an email you can keep your maintenance workshop and maintenance scheduling up to date.

Krafty Farm Assistant requires no software and your data is secure

Personally identifiable data is hidden
Your farm inventory and any information related to your farming assets is accessible only to the users you nominate.

Once setup your Krafty Farm Assistant system will contain a detailed inventory of the assets you choose including but not limited to, farm machinery, tools, buildings, water systems, farm fencing, gates and even assets like feed and poisons quantities stored.

Because each system is tailored specifically to the client's needs there is no limit to the number of farm assets you can have listed in your inventory or exactly what those assets are.

At a glance, you will have a comprehensive view of every farm asset you own, their condition, their maintenance schedule and any tasks that require your attention.

Best of all you will always have a clear indication of what needs to be done and when it needs doing.

All this and there is no time consuming maintenance to keep your Krafty Farm Assistant system running smoothly.

Farm Assistant Features

Information entered into Krafty Farm Assistant will ever be shared with third parties unless required by law. See our Terms & Conditions

What can Krafty Farm Assistant offer me?

Krafty Farm Assistant's easy-to-read Asset Inventory and Maintenance Workshop can, at a glance, show you more information relating to your farm assets than any other comparable system available.

Because Krafty Farm Assistant is specifically tailored to your needs what you see is entirely up to you however by default you can see such information as:

Krafty Farm Assistant is asset management for any farm, made easy!

Whilst Krafty Farm Assistant was originally designed for time-poor farm owners with professional careers outside farming who rely on farm assistants to keep their biggest asset running, our fully tailored system has been adapted to suit the needs of all agricultural property owners.

Because Krafty Farm Assistant is specifically tailored for every application it works on many different kinds of rural and agricultural properties.
But don't just take our word for it, read what some of our clients have to say about us

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