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The Advanced Workshop Hosting Option

Krafty Farm Assistant's Advanced Workshop Hosting option, full hosting, full service and a great price.

The Advanced Workshop hosting option is our top of the heap hosting package.

This fantastic hosting option comes inclusive with all the bells and whistles of the Krafty Farm Assistant system as well as free unlimited technical support, extended technical support hours, free archive file updates, free inventory updates, basically everything! There is no need to remember to update your own files because Krafty does it for you.

Advanced Workshop hosting is those who like things automated.

New Holland Tractor with Spreader

Whats included:

Price $420.00 per year.

Case tractor front on

1 Krafty Farm Assistant administered archive history files: The Advanced Hosting option includes Krafty administered archive files, these files will be updated as requested (maximum 2 updates per month per asset) for all items in your asset inventory.

2 Unlimited Asset Inventory servicing updates apply to all assets listed and can occur at any time.

3 Advanced Hosting clients of Krafty Farm Assistant can access free telephone support 24/7 (inc. public holidays).

4 Unlimited new additions to the asset inventory: There is no limit to the number of new additions that can be made to the asset inventory. All items added includes archive files, maintenance workshop and all other features of the asset inventory.

To keep costs low and for ease of administration hosting fees are to be paid in 12 monthly installments.

Hosting service must be selected before commencement of "Implementation" stage, however fees for the first year are not due until the system is ready to go live and completion email from Krafty Farm Assistant has been accepted and acknowledged.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions as outlined here must be agreed to by the client before any work is undertaken

Krafty's JCB farm backhoe