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Maintenance Workshop Archived History

The information entered into your Workshop Reporting system is used to create a downloadable file for your own records.

Archived History files are:

  • populated with only the information you need and/or request from your workshop reporting;
  • updated when you request (dependant on the selected hosting package);
  • provided in one of several convenient file formats;
  • housed in a storage area which is password protected.
Deutz Fahr wheat cartage trailer

How the Archived History files work:

Each farming asset listed in your Asset Inventory has a link to it's own Archived History file. The link (pic right) connects to a secure area where your history files are stored.

Each archived history file is populated with the data from the maintenance workshop reports.

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Archived history files links provided for each item of farm machinery or asset

Because we've tried to make Krafty Farm Assistant as accessible as possible Archive History files can be provided in one of the following formats, Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PDF (.pdf) or TXT (.txt) and may include such information as:

Krafty's tractor and seed spreader

Archived history files also show tallied figures for both time taken and total cost related to the asset. This allows you to see quickly how much each item has cost over the recording period.

In keeping with the adaptability of Krafty Farm Assistant the amount of information saved in your history files is completely up to you. You can track an asset's costs and maintenance history for resale purposes or simply track the tasks and cost over a yearly period for tax purposes.

Because we have worked in and around the farming industry for many years we also understand that the history for any asset doesn't just start when you sign up for Krafty Farm Assistant, therefore we can take pervious history from your own records and incorporate it into any asset inventory item on your site. There may be some costs involved to input previous history data (dependant on the time taken) but the convenience of having your complete history formatted and available in one handy file is invaluable.

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Krafty Farm Assistant's Archive History

Archive History Updates

Updating of archived history files is done according to the schedule specified in the chosen hosting plan.

Archived history files can be updated outside the specified schedule only by request.

Visit our Pricing page for a detailed description of our hosting packages.

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