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The Asset Inventory

For a business to operate well, efficient management of it's inventory is a must and the business of farming is no different.

The problem is that many of the generic inventory systems are mass marketed across many industries, sold as a 'one size fits all' application and designed by programmers who know little about farming.

However as most farmers already know operating a farm is different to operating any other type of business. That is why Krafty created Krafty Farm Assistant with a fully customisable and adaptable inventory system specifically for farmers.

Before we create your Krafty Farm Assistant system we talk with you, to find out how you can make the most of the system and then we create a solution that suits those needs.

Krafty Farm Assistant Mechanic and Asset Inventory tractor

Many of our Krafty Farm Assistant users have found the system invaluable for managing their farm machinery and equipment, but because it's adaptable it can be easily customised to include farm fences, sheds, buildings as well as other assets like livestock, feed, grain or anything else you use to keep your farm operating.

Whether you run a dairy farm, a beef farm, a sheep farm, a crop farm or, as can be seen from our recently added Apple Orchard demonstration, a produce farm, Krafty Farm Assistant can make your farming enterprise run smoother and more efficiently.

Krafty Farm Assistant Demonstration

The Asset Inventory is your single easy to read and easy to understand reference to every asset on your farm. At a glance you can see exactly what assets you have, their location, their condition, when they are due for servicing and what servicing has been done.

Krafty Farm Assistant's Asset Inventory can give you access to:

Easily identifiable information specifically related to your farm assets you choose.

An easy to read indexing system that gives you the ability to easily identify and distinguish between all farm assets.

A system capable of working with multiple properties and/or multiple storage locations.

Even with multiple farm properties or storage locations, you'll know what you have and where it is. Our unique coding system can also offer greater security by allowing separate locations to have their own individual codes.

An image of each individual item to remove any confusion especially where like items are listed.

(Any identifiable information can be removed from images for security reasons.)

A checklist showing regular and known maintenance tasks for each piece of machinery or asset as per your recommendations.

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Make, model, location & regular checks for all farm machinery & farm assets

Detailed descriptions of the next maintenance task which can include but is not limited to;

Information relating to the most recent maintenance task carried out as well as any notes you think are important.

A quick glance summary of other recently completed maintenance tasks.

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Maintenance tasks (up coming & previous) for each farming asset

History files which can include any of the data you choose.

History files can assist you in tracking costs, asset downtime and when tasks were completed, which may in turn help to maintain a higher resale value with some farm machinery.

Specification sheets, manuals or any other technical data which can help ensure all maintenance tasks are done correctly and to manufacturer specifications.

All categories in the Krafty Farm Assistant Asset Inventory are fully tailored to the clients requirements.

The categories listed in these images and on the demonstration are the categories our current clients have chosen as the most popular, however because our system can be tailored to each client if there is a category you require that isn't listed, or alternatively there is a category listed you don't require, simply tell us and we will adapt the system to your requirements.

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Archived Maintenance, Plant history & spec sheets for all machinery & assets