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How to apply for Krafty Farm Assistant

At Krafty Farm Assistant we like to make things as easy as possible but at the same to we also like to make things as risk free as possible.

We understand that while dealing over the internet is become part of most peoples lives there are still some people who approach it with caution.

It is for that reason that we have tried to make the application process easy for even the most cautious of users.

The application process is outlined in the following easy steps below.

CaseIH Tractor with auto baler

Krafty Farm Assistant step by step application process

  • Start by reading our Terms and Conditions.
  • Follow the links on this page to the Application Download page and choose your desired file format.
  • Fill out the application with as much information as practical.
  • Tick the box saying you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Send the Application to us.
  • After we receive your completed application we will contact you by email to request a convenient time for us to call and discuss your tailored Farm Assistant package. At this time please consider any categories, sections or questions you might like to ask us and jot them down to help you remember them.
  • After our initial phone call and all items and prices have been agreed upon Krafty Farm Assistant will send you a confirmation email outlining:
    • the design and set up agreed upon, including the categories, sections and other information related to the setting up and operation of your tailored system.
    • The price of the set up and designing your Asset Inventory and Maintenance Workshop (including any additionally costed items you might choose).
    • The selected hosting package and its yearly cost.
    • An invoice (with banking details and ABN) for the deposit which must be paid before we begin working on your Krafty Farm Assistant system.
  • Confirmation of acceptance (either by email or post) must then be returned to Krafty Farm Assistant stating that you agree with the order, it's contents and the fee charged.
  • For work to commence the deposit must be paid within 10 days of the date we receive the confirmation. No order is considered complete until the confirmation is received by Krafty Farm Assistant.
  • Once the deposit has been received work will start.

To help make you experience as risk free as possible no payments are due or accepted until after the our initial contact to discuss your tailored solution and confirmation for service has been received.

Note: Applications not filled out with all required fields populated may be ignored.

Although we do ask that you have as much information about your requirements during the initial stages, we also understand that with such a customised package it may not be possible to have every item. For this reason we happily accept additions like inventory items, item specifics, service dates etc without additional cost during the set up phase.

Proceed to the Application Form download page.

Duetz Fahr and large mowers

What next?

So what happens once your Krafty Farm Assistant application has been received and both parties have agreed how the system will be set up?

After we received your deposit we will start creating your Asset Inventory and Maintenance workshop system.

Completion time is usually about 15 working days however that time frame does rely on us receiving all the additional information (asset inventory items etc) that your personalised system requires.

If completion can not be done within 28 days you will be notified by Krafty Farm Assistant as soon as practical.

Once complete you will be notified, by email, of the site completion. You in turn have 5 working days from the date of the email to read, review and comment on the completed system.

Any changes, additions or in the event that we have forgotten something can be discussed at this point before the system is moved to our production servers and goes live. Any errors, typographical or other, created by Krafty Farm Assistant will be fixed free of charge if the correct information was supplied to us.

After the 5 day reviewing period the client is then billed the difference between the deposit and the final bill including yearly hosting service.

Want even less risk to you?

For any additional services like additional history files, additional design etc, that incur an extra fee Krafty Farm Assistant will email the client with the applicable information and costings before work commences. Any extra services must be agreed to by the client (by responding to the email) before work is started.

And of course once your tailored Farm Assistant package is complete we don't forget you, any technical support or assistance is only an email or phone call away.

Proceed to the Application Form download page.

The big CaseIH seeder on Krafty's farm