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Krafty Farm Assistant Main Features at a glance

The Asset Inventory

The asset inventory is a listing of every asset on your farm, from farm machinery and vehicles to trailers and rolling stock, from hay balers to harvesters, from milk vats to fuel tanks, even stock rotations and feed stocks can now be entered into the asset inventory.

Dairy, beef, crop, pasture, produce, the type of farm you operate doesn't matter to Krafty Farm Assistant because each system is personally tailored to each individual client.

Generic inventory system make assumptions but with Krafty Farm Assistant we assume nothing.

We ask how your farm runs, we ask you what items you want listed and we ask exactly what information you need to see.

Our personalised asset inventory system makes keeping track of your assets easy!

Deutz Fahr Tractor and Crone Baler

Maintenance Scheduling

One of the most important aspects of your farm life is machinery maintenance, however it's also something that often gets forgotten.

But as all farmers know maintenance isn't only required by tractors and farm machinery.

Farm fences, gates, sheds, tools, practically everything on a farm requires maintenance in some form and that is why we made our system fully adaptable to each clients.

Don't own a hay baler but own three tractors? Own a harvester but not a milking machine?

No problem, because unlike generic systems that list items its creators think belong on a farm our system lists the exact assets you want to see.

Krafty Farm Assistant can then show maintenance schedules for those assets to help ensure each job is done on time and as required.

Maintenance Scheduling

The Maintenance Workshop

Krafty Farm Assistant's 'Maintenance Workshop' is not your average workshop, it's a versatile recording system that can record any maintenance task for any asset in your inventory.

It doesn't matter if you work with a farm assistant or by yourself 'Maintenance Workshop' allows you to quickly and easily see tasks that require doing and tasks that have been completed.

All tasks are recorded, stored and attributed to the person who reported it and only users you authorise can make reports.

Your 'Maintenance Workshop' is then used to create history files with as much or as little information as you require.

Maintenance Workshop

Workshop Reporting

Farm life is busy and every farmer knows that not all problems can be attended to when first noticed, especially when another task is more important, but that doesn't mean we should forget them.

The 'Workshop Reporting' area gives you the option to report those less important issues leaving yourself and/or your staff a reminder that it needs attention when time allows.

When a task is completed the 'Workshop Reporting' also allows you and/or your staff to report information like who completed it, the time taken and any costs attributed to the task.

The reported information reported is then stored in our secure system and used to create your 'Archived History'.

Krafty Farm harvester

Archived History

With Krafty Farm Assistant you don't have to settle for knowing what just the jobs that need doing. At a glance you'll also know what has been done, any costs attributed to it, and the time spent.

The Archived History files give you an easy to read history of any item you choose.

Not just for your own personal reference Archived History files can also help with resale value, help you to figure out yearly maintenance costs and much more because you choose the information you want to see.

History files can be provided in one of four convenient file formats and are stored until you want them removed.

Archived History

Popular Additions

Because Krafty Farm Assistant is fully adaptable and customisable to each individual client we are always open to new ideas and features.

While continuous development in our studios helps us come up with new features some of our more popular additions have come from client suggestions.

How the ideas come about makes little difference to our system and we are always open to new ideas and features that improve the systems operation for you, the client.

All 'New Features', once developed are thoroughly tested and offered to all clients, both new and existing, free of charge.

Note: Because each inventory system is client adaptable you do not have to choose these additions simply because they are available, but as a client you will be welcome to suggest your own features.

Kraft Farm Assistant Tractor and large seeder