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Krafty Farm Assistant History

Roger, a retired electrical and maintenance engineer, had spent several years maintaining farm machinery and the farming enterprise of Dr Frank. The enterprise consisted of more than 600 head of red and black angus beef cattle spread across four properties and with over sixty pieces of farm machinery and even more farming assets. Because Roger lived off site Dr Frank was forever phoning him and reporting breakages of machinery, fences or gates requiring repair as well as other general maintenance tasks.

As the enterprise grew the phone calls became more frequent and often rushed due to Dr Frank's busy workload. Dr Frank knew he needed a planned maintenance system. Roger knew he needed a better and clearer system which not only meant he wasn't interrupting Dr Frank's busy working but gave him a clear and concise plan to work to.

The Krafty Kubota with pallet forks

Roger had the foresight to call Krafty.

Krafty set out to make life on the farm easier.

Over several months Krafty and Roger discussed ways to make working life on the farm easier. As the basis of the Krafty Farm Assistant system came to fruition and they knew they'd found something useful and something to make farm life easier. They took the idea to Dr Frank who not only realised it's potential but immediately insisted the system be implemented.

Realising there was large gap between lightweight, easy to use, computer based inventory systems and the larger and hugely expensive content management systems suited to large businesses with huge inventories and full time IT staff, Krafty, a web designer of more than 15 years, sat down initially with Roger and then with Dr Frank and listened to their requests, heard their pleas and created Krafty Farm Assistant.

Before Krafty Farm Assistant Roger would have to keep his phone charged and close as Dr Frank was known to ring at any time to describe what work was required. The potential to create confusion and misunderstandings was high and there was countless hours spent discussing requests for maintenance and repair, each time interrupting the working days of both Roger and Dr Frank.

Now thanks to Krafty all Dr Frank needs to do is turn his computer on at any time and report the maintenance issue or repair.

Roger is automatically notified via email that a problem exists and he can then organise his time on the farm to suit.

Since the early stages of development in 2010, Krafty Farm Assistant has undergone constant development and improvement. Client requests and constant testing has seen Krafty Farm Assistant grow from what was a simple maintenance and repair reporting system to a system which now offers;

All this and a system that is completely tailored to each individual client.

The big red tractor