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Live Demonstrations

We've explained the benefits of the Asset Inventory, we've explained the benefits of the Maintenance Workshop and we've explained just how Krafty Farm Assistant can help your farm.

So now it must be time to see what the system looks like in action!

With just an internet ready computer and no specialised software your own Krafty Farm Assistant system, once set up, will run exactly as you see it run here.

Because we wanted to show that Krafty Farm Assistant works for a wide variety of agricultural enterprises we have provided several different farming demonstrations. If your farm setup isn't covered by our demonstrations that doesn't mean we can't cover it, it just means we haven't had a chance to cover it.

Krafty's New Holland Tractor with Round Bale carter

The demos shown here do use some names from our current client list (with permission), but the farms, farm machinery, farm assets and comments are all fictitious and shown as a guide only. All information displayed is used purely to show how adaptable the Krafty Farm Assistant system is.

Demonstration instructions

Important steps for viewing the Krafty Farm Assistant demonstrations.

Let's see it in action!

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Krafty Farm Assistant demonstration

Working demonstrations

Username: Produce Farmer

Password: producedemo12

Username: Stock Farmer

Password: stockdemo12

Username: Dairy Farmer

Password: dairydemo12

Krone large grass cutter on Krafty's farm

Although we are sure there will be no technical problems running the Krafty Farm Assistant demonstrations if you do experience any issues please feel free to let us know.

If you can provide as much detail of the error as possible we can get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

Note: The Krafty Farm Assistant demonstrations do require your internet browser to have "Pop ups" turned on. We are confident in suggesting that turning "pop ups" on for this site alone will not be harmful to your computer however we also understand that some people may still wish to leave such options turned off. If you can't access the demonstration site due to "pop ups" restriction please feel free to contact us and we will provide you an alternative option.

Krafty's old farm tracotr and slasher

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