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What some of clients have said

Five minute phone calls, in-between patients, and hour long phone calls during lunch breaks, from Dr Frank describing what had broken on the farm over the weekend were a regular Monday morning occurrence for me. As the number of tasks went up each description became quicker and often things would be missed or forgotten.

Krafty showed us a better way, the Farm Assistant package now allows us to communicate with each other, allows full descriptions of the tasks required and ensures we all have a record of what's been done, is being done and needs doing.

Now when Dr Frank breaks something he has no excuse for not telling me!

Sth Gippsland

Tractor with larger tipper

I have no doubt that Krafty Farm Assistant will be useful to any time poor farmers (or doctors like me) who understand the importance of keeping their farm on track and well maintained but just don't have the time to achieve it by themselves.

There is no denying that any busy professional who owns a farm needs help, there is also no denying that those professionals will find this system extremely economical and useful.

It's ease of use means no one needs to be a computer expert and with the common sense it means no maintenance task goes forgotten.

Sth Gippsland

We signed up for Krafty Farm Assistant in early 2011 and have found it extremely useful in keeping track of our farm maintenance and especially the machinery servicing. Even general communications between our workers has improved because there is no mistaking what tasks each person needs to undertake or when they need to do it.

Allowing us all to keep up to date with maintenance and scheduled tasks has increased the productivity and efficiency of our dairy farm. But the most valuable part of the system without doubt has been the email alerting system. With each of our workers living at different locations I can now notify each one with a tasks list for the following day without separate phone calls or possible confusion.

East Gippsland

Our farm is a husband and wife business only and we generally don't hire other staff but Krafty Farm Assistant has still proven it's worth on our farm.

I no longer have to remember servicing dates for all our equipment or which service is due for which item, the system reminds me automatically.

Usually I would leave anything to do with computers to my wife but Krafty has shown me just how simple keeping up to date can be. I can log from the shed with the laptop, enter the information needed and with the alerting system alerting both myself and Audrey there is no chance of either of us forgetting what needs to be done.


Krafty's farm loader

Update from Bob: Check out my Hay Stock Levels adaption, (Krafty tells me he's listed it in the new features). It wasn't long ago I couldn't use a computer, now look at me helping make changes to an already great program.

With Bob now using the computer to track farm related things I'm free to concentrate on other daily tasks. The computer was always in the "too hard basket" for Bob but thanks to Krafty Farm Assistant both of us are keeping ahead of our farm needs and neither of us are working any harder.


Update from Audrey: Bob is so proud of himself and his Hay Stock Levels adaption!

Initially I was wary about itemising our extensive list of farm machinery on the internet due to a lack of privacy but with Krafty Farm Assistant's cryptic self generated ID coding, the ability to name items as we wanted and the removal of any personal identification plates etc we know our privacy is protected.

Central Victoria.