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Maintenance Scheduling

Farm machinery and farming assets can be very expensive and repairs to those assets and machinery can also be expensive.

The switched-on farmer also knows that un-scheduled downtime due to poor maintenance has the potential to cost even more.

It's those switched-on farmers who also understand the importance of adhering to an organised maintenance schedule for their agricultural enterprise.

You too can be one of the switched-on farmers and stay one step ahead of unnecessary downtime, prolong the life of your machinery and help ensure your assets are always in top condition, because with Krafty Farm Assistant you know:

  • when servicing is due;
  • when asset maintenance is required;
  • exactly what needs to be done; and,
  • who should be doing it.
Farm machinery maintenance scheduling.

With Krafty Farm Assistant's maintenance scheduling finding yourself staring sadly at that broken down piece of farm machinery and wishing you had known about that simple maintenance task is a thing of the past!

Asset Inventory Item Scheduling

All items in your inventory by default include a listing for the next maintenance task required for that asset, highlighted in yellow.

Because Krafty Farm Assistant is customisable you can show as much or as little detail as your choose.

During the setup of your inventory system and for every asset you list we discuss with you if maintenance should occur:

  • on a specific date;
  • after a total running time;
  • on an annual servicing date;
  • to coincide with the registration anniversary; or
  • after harvesting season.

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Maintenance Scheduling present and past for your farming machinery and assets

You also specify exactly how each service is to be carried out:

  • in accordance with the asset's service manual;
  • to your specific instructions;
  • by a qualified service agent; or
  • by yourself or your farm assistant.

Located directly below the 'next due' maintenance task is the last servicing task carried out to assist in tracking recent performance and time between maintenance tasks.

And because the short listed information on the main page may not always be enough for you to accurately track an assets performance a more detailed history for each asset is stored in a separate file on the web server.

For more information about how Krafty Farm Assistant handles Archived History see our Archived History page.

Calendar Scheduling

Most farmers already know that on a farm there is always small jobs, they also know that it's easier to organise your time when you know exactly what needs doing over any given period.

To help achieve this the Krafty Farm Assistant asset inventory now includes calendar scheduling.

On the left hand side of every screen in your asset inventory there is a conveniently located calendar where your maintenance events can be recorded to help ensure you don't forget anything.

A complete month is shown and for easy identification the current date is shaded in gray and a date where a maintenance task or event is scheduled is shaded in yellow.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a yellow shaded date instantly pops up a message box telling you what task is required for that day and to get rid of the message box you simply move the mouse cursor away from the scheduled date. It's that easy!

There is no limit to the number of maintenance tasks you can have listed, events can be recurring, weekly, monthly or yearly and any day can have multiple tasks attributed to it.

Viewing tasks scheduled for coming months (or even previous months) is easy, you simply need to click on the "<<" or ">>" buttons on either side of the month listed at the top of the calendar.

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Scheduling your farm machinery servicing and maintenance tasks by the calendar

If you'd like to see just how easily Krafty Farm Assistant handles maintenance scheduling for any farming asset, try our free demonstration.

Krafty Farm Assistant Demonstration