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The Maintenance Workshop

Like most farmers you know many of the maintenance tasks that need doing, you might even remember the approximate date at which they are due to be completed but Krafty Farm Assistant takes things one step further and makes the organisation of such maintenance tasks easy.

The Maintenance Workshop gives you and/or your farm assistants a convenient and easy to use reporting system to report maintenance tasks as you notice them.

Each individual farming asset from your inventory has its own area for reporting of tasks that need completing.

Krafty Farm Assistant Maintenance Workshop tractor

Any task can be listed for immediate attention or for a time where there is less work on. But what wont happen is that those tasks get forgotten, because you'll have a live reminder of each task.

All the maintenance tasks for your farm machinery and assets will be clearly listed easily providing anyone you authorise the exact information required to keep your equipment in the condition it deserves.

How the Maintenance Workshop operates

Before your Krafty Farm Assistant Inventory system is setup we ask you for a unique user name and password for both yourself and any assistants you wish to allow access. Once operating you simply log into the Maintenance Workshop as you would log into any other secure website.

Once you are logged in you will be presented with a menu on the left hand side of the screen listing of all the farm equipment and assets you have chosen for your inventory.

Every asset listed has its own page containing all the relevant information related to that asset.

At the bottom of every asset's page there is a section available to report your maintenance issues.

Because we have made Krafty Farm Assistant user-friendly you don't need to be a computer expert to log a maintenance report. It's as easy as typing a message and clicking a button.

Plus you'll have the added assurance that if you do experience problems our 'no jargon technical support' is available when you need it.

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Report machinery & asset maintenance tasks in the Maintenance Workshop

Maintenance Workshop Features

Easy To Read:

Maintenance requests for each inventory item are clearly visible and easy to read. Messages related to a specific maintenance task are grouped together by default while each individual task is separated for identification.

Password Protected:

The Maintenance Workshop is a secure area accessible by only the people you choose. Each person you permit access is given their own unique user name and password allowing open discussion about your farming enterprise and the maintenance tasks required. Despite being internet based your Krafty Farm Assistant system will not appear in internet search engines helping to ensure that unauthorised eyes don't see what you are doing on your farm.

Immediate Updating:

Your data is always up-to-date because all entries made in the Maintenance Workshop are updated immediately.

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Farm machinery and asset maintenance tasks recorded by typing your message and simply clicking on Post Your Task

Email Alerts:

Whenever maintenance requests are posted in the Maintenance Workshop registered users are notified, via email, of the items that require attention. The email alerts ensure that there is no confusion about what needs doing because those users you choose always have their own written record of the requests.


All posts in the Maintenance Workshop have time and date stamping on them (not shown in the demo), and anonymous posting is not allowed so you will always know when and who created each posting. A complete history of the conversation is also provided.

Tractor heading back to the maintenance workshop