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Popular Farm Assistant Features

At Krafty Farm Assistant the one thing we never do is assume to know your farm better than you and for that reason we are always open to your suggestions and ideas related to different ways to use our Asset Inventory and Maintenance Workshop.

Below are some the features our clients have suggested are their favourite or "must have" features.

Of course because Krafty Farm Assistant is fully tailored to each client, these features can be turned on or off at no extra cost.

New Holland tractor and Forage wagon

Weather Forecasts for your farm

In today's world weather reports come from many sources, but in most cases if you aren't tuned in at the right time you miss out on hearing that all important weather report for your area.

But not if you have Krafty Farm Assistant because you can have this information available from your own Asset Inventory at all times.

Krafty Farm Assistant offers two convenient weather applications.

The quick glance weather report.

This handy weather report is located at the top of every asset inventory page and updated automatically ensuring you can see the weather in your area at all times.

Weather Forecasts for your farm included in Krafty Farm Assistant.

The detailed weather report

Below the quick glance weather report is the "Your Farm Forecast" link, this takes you to a detailed weather report for your area.

From the detailed reports page you can see such information as;

  • Current temperature, due point, humidity, rain fall and wind speed,
  • Outlooks for your area,
  • a satellite image for the country
  • a current weather map and
  • summaries of current weather trends.

This applet is provided free by and is not the responsibility of Krafty Farm Assistant.

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Weather maps and forecasts for your Krafty Farm Assistant package

Chemical Repository

All farmers know how important it is to keep track of the chemicals stored on their farms.

Roger from Sth Gippsland suggested that having an area that allowed himself and Farmer Frank a method of keeping track of their chemicals and poisons would be of great benefit to them. So we set to work with Roger and came up with the Chemical Repository shown in the image to the right.

Each product is listed with an image, it's location and the quantity currently stored on the farm.

There is no restriction to the number or types of products listed, anything used on your farm can be listed in tech asset Inventory.

In fitting with the rest of the Krafty Farm Assistant system the Chemical Repository is fully adaptable to client needs. If your have a long list of products or if you would just like to see them grouped into like groups, eg. fuels on one page, chemicals on another, cleaning products on a third, a multiple page list can be created.

In the reporting section instead of recording maintenance tasks you can record the usage of your listed products, currently levels and when products run out.

With very little effort you will have up to date information regarding all your chemicals and you'll even know what and when products need replacing.

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Reporting chemical usuage and levels is easy

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Reporting chemical usuage and levels is easy

Hay Stock Levels

At Krafty Farm Assistant we'd been working on the best way to implement method of showing hay/feed levels but we just didn't have the right formula, that was until Bob and Audrey signed up and showed us that for most farmers needs we were over thinking the situation and what was needed was simple and easily implemented.

Now thanks to Bob, the self confessed computer illiterate farmer who refused to even turn the computer on before Audrey signed them up for Krafty Farm Assistant we've worked it out.

Thanks Bob!

It may not suit everyone but knowing what my hay levels are means I know how much I'm using, how much is left and the History files show me how much I can expect to use based on past seasons usage. Bob

As with any other item in the Asset Inventory item, Bob simple records the hay he uses through the Maintenance recording system, the system keeps track of his messages and at a glance he's got all the important information he needs.

As Bob says, "it may not suit everyone," so like all Krafty Farm Assistant features the Hay Stock levels is fully adaptable for each client.

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Hay Stock Levels, now part of Krafty Farm Assistant

Work Requests

Jobs on the farm don't always relate directly to one specific piece of farm machinery, some tasks don't belong on a scheduled maintenance system, this is why we added the Works Requests/General Maintenance section.

The front verge might need slashing, there might be some trees along the driveway require a few limbs removed or the verandah may need sweeping.

It was for these tasks the Work Requests section was created, it allows you to report jobs that don't fit into their own category and just like all items in the Workshop once reported email reminders are sent to all those who need to know.

Recent history lists and archived history files are also updated with completed Work Requests so you can see a record of these tasks and their costs at a glance.

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Work Requests because not all mainteance tasks a farmer does are related to machinery and other farming assets

Paddock Itemisation

Some paddocks work well for different animals, some fields work better for certain crops.

However you make use of your paddocks and fields Krafty Farm Assistant has you covered.

The paddock itemisation feature is predominantly used by our dairy and livestock farm clients for stock rotation and allows both farmers and farm assistants to know where the animals should be, when they should be there and who is moving them. However in recent months this feature has also been taken up several of our crop farmers to help all staff easily identify what is growing in each field.

Of those clients using the paddock itemisation feature most of them also use it for things like, reminding them when to start slashing, or when to start weed spraying.

Paddock itemisation also makes use of the Maintenance Workshop for easy reporting of required tasks and history files are maintained so you can see what was done and when it was done.

Also included in the paddock itemisation section is a map of your farm fences. Each map shows your paddock identification system, your fences, both permanent and temporary, gates and any other identifying information you require.

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Reporting paddock related information

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Reporting paddock related information

Map Your Farm

"Map Your Farm" is a service Krafty has have been offering to clients for many years to help them keep up to date with their electric fencing systems.

The idea behind it is to provide a quick and easily read map of your property with all electric fences, gates, switches and the direction of current flow.

Our "Map Your Farm" feature assists with quick detection of fencing faults and shows exactly which switches need turning off to allow safe working on particular sections.

For nearly 5 years this service has been extremely popular with farmers who have power lines running through their property. No longer do the have power company employees ringing them asking them where gates and fences that may pose a risk to their work are, or worse still damaging fences and gates because they couldn't be safely isolated. When placed in a convenient location on the property the map can be looked at and anyone on the farm can work safely without concerning themselves with the internal fencing.

"Map Your Farm" is separate to the Krafty Farm Assistant package, and may incur extra costs to some clients.

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Map Your Farm - A Krafty Deisgned Creation

Data sheets

Even on the most efficient farms paperwork has a tendency to get lost or stored somewhere it shouldn't be, and come servicing or repair time often those all important specification and data sheets or workshop manuals are nowhere to be found.

Being able to log onto your farm's Maintenance Workshop and quickly and easily get the information you need before starting work is something many of our clients are raving about.

Data and spec sheets and workshop manuals are only provided where available (from the original supplier) and all manuals remain the responsibility of their respective owners.

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Data Sheets and workshop manuals