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Maintenance Workshop Reporting

Is it possible to have a system that not only provides in depth reporting for every asset on your farm but also shows you a list of currently outstanding tasks?

When you have Krafty Farm Assistant's unique workshop reporting features helping your farm it is.

No matter how good our memories are something can always slip through unattended, but with Krafty Farm Assistant your memory can take a rest because our easy-to-follow and easy-to-use system allows you to see what maintenance tasks have been completed and what is still to be done.

Krafty's Massey Ferguson tractor and slasher

Like the rest of the Krafty Farm Assistant system the workshop reporting system is client adaptable. It can show as little or as much information as each client requires to ensure their farm runs smoothly and efficiently all the times.

Reports that work for you

When you first sign up for your own Krafty Farm Assistant system you might not know exactly what type of reporting best suits your farm needs, that is why we work with you to find out which solutions will work best in your situation.

Here is an example of what we mean.

Audrey from Gippsland asked us if it there was an easy way that her husband Bob could include related information like time taken and costs incurred when reporting completed maintenance, because being able to easily track expenditure and time spent on specific farm machinery would be advantageous to their farm.

This particular solution was an easy one to solve and simply meant requesting Bob fill out a more detailed maintenance report. Something the Krafty Farm Assistant system allows for because each user can enter as much or as little detail as they require.

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Reporting your farm maintenance tasks in as little or as much detail as you require.

Now Bob's happy, Audrey's happy when she's doing her paperwork and their History files are populated with more detailed information which helps them at tax time to track and log their yearly costs and expenses.

The above is just one example of how Krafty Farm Assistant is not just tailored to the needs of all farmers but also able to adaptable to meet the specific needs of those customers.

So whether it's a change to the system or a new method of using the system, talk to us about how we can make your Krafty Farm Assistant system work for you!

How do I create a workshop report?

For each asset inventory item there is a blue bound text box (pic right) at the bottom of the page.

Creating a new report is as easy as clicking in the white "text" area and typing your message.

The "text box" has plenty of space for even the most detailed of reports, so type as little or as much as you require.

Once you have finished typing your report simply click on the clearly labeled "Post your task" button.

With your task posted your maintenance report will be instantly saved and inserted into the Inventory item page at the top of the reporting section.

Once the new report has been automatically posted on to the asset's inventory page an email will be sent to the inbox of your chosen users.

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Record machinery and asset maintenance tasks the easy way

Because the email contains an exact copy of the report made there is no need for your users to log onto the system just to check the reports, they will know exactly what has been requested and be able to take measures to ensure it's done.

Workshop reports can be single reports, (each entry is given it's own separate report box), however subsequent entries related to reports can also be grouped by simply using the "reply" button.

For example:

Jeff runs a Tasmanian Apple Orchard and suggested it would be convenient if he and his workers were able to respond to a posted report with updated information related to that report rather than starting a new report.

The Workshop Reporting system already had this functionality built in so we simply showed Jeff how the "Reply" function worked to achieve exactly what he requested and allowed the grouping of like messages together.

Pictured right is an example of using the reply button to allow grouping of related reports. Once posted the related report appears directly under the messge it's responding to, subsquent reports then appear under the second report.

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Tracking mainteance tasks by grouping related tasks together

Who can see the workshop reports?

In keeping with the secure nature of the Krafty Farm Assistant system workshop reports can be accessed only by the users nominate by the client.

Because we understand that farm assistants and staff can change over time authorised users can be added at any time free of charge but only by request of the account holder.

Who posted that report?

Every report and response made in the workshop is clearly attributed to its author by name (and where used avatar).

By default all authorised users can report or update any asset in the workshop.

How are reports ordered?

Each workshop report is listed in chronological order with time and date stamping clearly marked on all posts, so all users can see exactly when a report was created.

Replies to reports are placed in chronological order within the report they are attributed to.

*Note - time and date stamping has been turned off in the demonstrations.

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Each task is clearly attributed to the person who posted it