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The Workshop Setup

Every new Krafty Farm Assistant system needs to start in the Workshop, the workshop is where we collect the required data and put it all together to create your own asset inventory and maintenance workshop.

Much like rolling that old International Harvester into the farm workshop, collecting some new parts, putting them together and rolling it out as a brand new CaseIH JX80 we take as much information as you provide us and build up it into an easy-to-read and easy-to-use asset inventory and maintenance workshop.

The path your system travels as it goes through our workshop is outlined below.

Claas Harvester

Setup and Design

The setup and design of the client customised system:

  • Creation of client specific system, includes menu creation, formatting and layout.
  • Creation of individual asset inventory pages.
  • Population of asset inventory pages with client supplied data.
  • Image manipulation to format images to fit into system (including the removal of personal information if required).
  • Please read FAQ's regarding image requirements.
  • Addition of servicing information based on client recommendation.
  • Inclusion of pervious servicing information (if supplied).
  • Setup of asset inventory weather app.
  • Setup of full page weather report app.
  • Setup of Maintenance Workshop area for each Asset Inventory item.
  • Setup and installation of calendar app with client requested events.
  • Addition of any history information provided by client, (where applicable).

With all this information inputted into your new Asset Inventory and Maintenance Workshop we then upload the information to our server for your approval.

Once approval is given we then move onto the next stage.

CaseIH skidsteer


Once the set up phase is complete and approval for continuation has been given by the client we then move onto the implementation stage.

The implementation stage includes the following steps.

  • Uploading of your asset inventory and maintenance workshop on our server using our uniquely coded identifier.
  • Setup of the secure storage area for all archived history files.
  • Setup of client requested workshop accounts (usernames and passwords) and secure login.
  • Setup of Maintenance Workshop email notifications to client provided email addresses
  • Setup of workshop maintenance database to allow for recording or maintenance requests and discussions.
  • Addition of workshop manuals/data sheets (where available).
  • Addition of any previously agreed upon categories not done during setup.
  • Addition of any previously agreed upon client requested features or adaptions.

With this stage complete the client is then notified that their Asset Inventory and Maintenance Workshop are ready to be reviewed.

Once the system is agreed upon the client is billed and their Krafty Farm Assistant system goes live.

Krafty's Deutz Fahr with large seeder

Workshop Setup Pricing

As promised the entire workshop package is priced very affordably and well below the cost most web designers would charge when setting up a website with even a fraction of the functionality that Krafty Farm Assistant offers.

Our price for this outstanding package

Price $695.00
Krafty's farm foru wheeler

The technical bits

Because Krafty Farm Assistant is such an in depth system it does take time to design and implement and for that reason the design and set up phase may take up to 28 days. However our usual goal is 10-15 working days but time taken will depend on how quickly the information is received by us.

Only one hosting package is required for each client and desired hosting has to be decided upon, but not paid for, before the Implementation stage begins.

Once the setup and design stage is complete the client will be notified by email. Implementation stage will not progress until acknowledgment of completion email is received by Krafty Farm Assistant and any changes are discussed.

Once the Implementation stage is complete the client is given their uniquely coded address with which they can view and approve the site before final payment.

Once approval has been given in writing (email) by the client and the final payment has been received the full system will go live.

Any spelling mistakes or errors created by Krafty Farm Assistant will be fixed free of charge at any time.

As a part of the completion process each client will also be offered a step through guide for this extremely easy to use package.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions as outlined here must be agreed to by the client before any work is undertaken